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A Media Center Computer on steroids 

TV is a major part of our lives and tends to be one of the most expensive with costs raising at every turn. Many families today cannot afford these added expenses. We are here to help them. It’s time to say goodbye to pay TV and hello to free and limitless TV. The Deregulation of Cable is here!

Ismart TV is the perfect alternative to cable, satellite and subscription streaming television. Streaming is quickly becoming how we get our entertainment today. So we are bringing you a beautifully designed a high quality streaming mini PC and media player to meet your needs.


INSTANTLY STREAM… All of your favorite channels, Live Worldwide Sporting Events, Live TV Shows, Thousands of Channels, International Channels, Unlimited Children Shows, Over 1,000,000 Movies, Over 250,000 TV Episodes, And so much more … ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The GOOGLE PLAY STORE makes it easy to access your favorite apps. Apps that turn your living room into whatever you can imagine – a movie theater or an office or a fitness studio or a Play_store_ANDROIDPITclassroom.

The ultimate entertainment experience from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Limitless Possibilities available on the worldwide web. Netflix and Hulu. ABC and Disney. HBO and SHOWTIME. Live sports and news. And so much more. If it’s worth watching, there’s definitely an app for that. Ismart TV becomes your living room computer and entertainment center.









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A streaming media player is what connects your television or home theater to the Internet and allows you to stream video and music from online services. They’re typically very basic devices with only a few connections, such as video (HDMI and/or composite), audio (RCA and/or digital), and Ethernet networking jacks. Many streaming media players also feature built-in Wi-Fi for wireless network connections, and most include their own dedicated remote control.

“Data streaming, commonly seen in the forms of audio and video streaming, is when a multimedia file can be played back without being completely downloaded first. Most files, like shareware and software updates that you download off the Internet, are not streaming data. However, certain audio and video files like Real Audio and QuickTime documents can be streaming files, meaning you can watch a video or listen to a sound file while it’s being downloaded to your computer. With a fast Internet connection, you can actually stream live audio or video to your computer or streaming device.”

While you can live stream ALL of the major networks, those channels are most likely not from your local area. We strongly suggest that you get a Powered HD antenna that is designed to pick up your local channels to support your Android TV Box.

The Internet speed needed varies depending on the resolution of the content you are watching. Please refer to the chart below to view the speeds needed.

Speeds Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)
SD Minimum 2Mbps
SD recommended 5Mbps
HD Minimum 5Mbps
HD recommended 10Mbps or higher for 4K

If our boxes have any quality problems we will repair or replace the unit for free for 1 Year.


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Absolutely. The FCC defines streaming as “public domain”. The content only becomes illegal if you download and or distribute it, which you first need to be in possession of in order to do so. We protect you from that since our system does not allow you to download any protected intellectual property. And there is no need to considering everything is always available On-Demand.
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Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer For Purchase: The Ismart Media Center does not host, download, upload, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind. Ismart Media Center acts as a device no different than a computer or a smart phone or a tablet which streams content by other enthusiasts on the internet (worldwide web) which we have no control over the content on the applications applied. We do not guarantee any channels or content will be available 100% of the time. We are simply selling the TV Box and not any video content within it. We are not a TV service company. We are just advertising the channels from the websites which are available through the add-ons. WellerTV respects the rights of others, and prohibits the use of referenced material for any purpose other than that for which it is intended (where such use is lawful and free of civil liability or other constraints) and in such circumstances where possession of such material may have any adverse financial, prejudicial or any other effect on any other third party. If you agree with these terms, feel free to make a purchase. Prices subjected to change without notice. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

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